3 Reasons to Hire an Architect-Led Design-Build Firm to Realize Your Dream Home Renovation

Why design-build

We say we’re different because we are an Architect-led, Design-Build firm, but a lot of people want to know more about what that means. Here are 3 reasons (we think it’s better) to choose a design-build firm when doing a major, whole house renovation project to realize your vision for your dream home:

#1: Less Trash and Waste.

When builders calculate, they often include a lot of overage which translate into waste.  They are so far removed from the design that calculating the right amount of material needed for a job is very difficult.  Rather than be left on-site not being able to finish the job, because they’ve run out of material, they will often order too much. We do the designs, we order the material–it’s much easier. We can be much more precise and reduce the quantity … and the cost.  We also communicate directly with each manufacturer to get the right quantities on specialty materials.

#2: Reduced Carbon Footprint.

From an environmental standpoint, doing everything in-house minimizes the extras of everything — transportation, coordination, and excessive paperwork. Just daily communication between the contractor and architect adds up. Hard copy drawings get printed and reprinted many times over. With our firm, we not only expedite the process because we are working intra-office, but we can also minimize administrative overhead.

Some companies will bring in different architects and contractors from around the world. With us, being local is core to our design philopsophy.  We understand the community, the clientele, and the Southern California lifestyle to offer designs that ‘fit’ and limit the carbon footprint from all of that travel.

#3: Smart Reuse of Materials.

We do the electrical, framing, and concrete work on nearly all of our houses using our in-house crews. As such, everyone on the team works to use the client’s money wisely.  Practically this can mean simple things like reusing materials.  Perfectly good wood from the existing structure can be utilized in areas that will not be seen, such as mockups and blocking.


When you hire an architect-led design build firm, the process is easier, less stressful, and more environmentally conscious — all the while making your vision a reality for your renovation project.  If you are considering a major, whole house renovation project in the Los Angeles area, contact Kurt Krueger Architects to discuss your project.

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