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At Kurt Krueger Architects we aspire to turn your ideas into reality and to design your dream home to tell your unique story. We specialize in the construction of new homes and the restoration of historic homes. Our design approach is what we call “California Cool.” This means high style design that blends the inside with the outside and showcases craftsmanship and the rich detail of material choices. Our style incorporates clean lines, open spaces, scale, proportion, and flow. We design homes that are sophisticated and will be responsive to the family who will build their life there. We focus primarily on serving the greater Los Angeles area, including Brentwood, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Rancho Palos Verdes, and Palos Verdes Estates.

Our modern, energy-savings designs are tailored to each client’s current and future needs, lifestyle, aspirations, budget and site

As an Architect-led, Design-Build firm, our unique combination of construction and architecture allows us to create inspired spaces and one-of-a-kind dream homes. The vast wealth of experience we’ve gained by being involved in and overseeing the construction process is brought to bear in the design of each new project. We are continually pushing ourselves and continually evolving. The results are evident in our inspired designs and the construction quality. We’ve gained the knowledge of applying the theory in the field and determining in practice what works best and when. Think about your own experience and how tinkering and trying out new approaches has resulted in a far better end result than you may have initially conceived. It’s simple, being design-build, we are able to take our ideas from the design phase, try them out, and are able to iterate and mold them during construction into stunning results.

We communicate well, provide peace of mind, and are easy to work with

While superior design with the highest quality construction are two of the most significant outcomes of working with a design-build firm (because they are what you see), the other areas our firm excels in are communications, budget prudence, and timeline management. These are as important because they directly influence your experience and satisfaction. We not only want you to be happy when you move into your dream home, but we want you to have enjoyed the process. Our process ensures positive results. For example, a Senior Architect is involved at every stage of every project to ensure that the design is never ‘diluted’ during construction and our regular Cost Reports help clients manage their building budgets and make well informed decisions throughout the process.

When you are ready to discuss your project, we will happily review your requirements with you and, if we feel we can help, will arrange to come and see you. If however we feel that we are not best positioned to meet your goals we will recommend someone who is. Set-up a time to talk to the architect.

Kurt Krueger
Kurt Krueger
Principal, AIA, ArCH, LEED AP

Meet Kurt Krueger

Kurt Krueger, AIA, ArCH, LEED AP was educated in the practice of architecture and design at Kansas State University. With an entrepreneurial spirit and an approach of learning by doing, he formally interned for the well-known firm of Frank Harmon Architect in Raleigh, North Carolina during his last year of school. After graduation Kurt worked for the award-winning Rockhill and Associates Firm in Lawrence, Kansas. Here, Kurt was a key member of the team and contributed to building several houses in Kansas City and Arkansas–hammer and all.

Convinced that blending architecture and the building sciences was the best way to deliver unique, custom homes, Kurt relocated to Los Angeles to work for the prestigious architecture firm of Marmol Radziner & Associates. After four years of building his knowledge and experience, the desire to gain an even better mastery of the building arts, Kurt moved over to ARYA Group, Inc. where he worked on some of the firm’s exclusive and high profile projects. The entrepreneurial spirit propelled Kurt once again, and Kurt Krueger Architects, Inc. was established in 2012 with a focus on luxury residential, commercial, and historic renovation projects in Southern California.

Our firm specializes in creating architecture that is graceful and timeless, concerned with space and light, context and place, texture and detail. Kurt prides himself on the craft of building and strives to create spaces that engage people while elevating a sense of interest for the individual qualities of the site. Learn about how an Architect-Builder creates a design program that reflects the client’s spatial and budgetary needs, while producing inspired designs that are both poetic and practical.

Interested in learning more, read the in-depth profile about Kurt Krueger in Architect News.

Turning Your Building Ideas Into Reality.

Working with Kurt Krueger Architects, Inc.

We believe that design is a collaborative and cooperative process with our clients and we work with you to choreograph the program, process, movement, materials and light. When you contact us, we will walk you through a series of questions over the phone to establish the approximate size, location, budget, and your personal aspirations to make sure we are best suited to help you. If our firm is a good fit for your job, we arrange to meet to discuss what you and your family want to achieve both now and in the future. By meeting on site, we can walk around your existing building, plot, or historic renovation, talk about your own ideas, and often come up with some that you may not have considered.

Contemporary Architect

While every project is different, we approach it with the same passion, energy and design rigor to celebrate the aspirations of our clients. We are contemporary – modern – architects meaning that, our designs maximize the potential for light and space, buildings that are comfortably proportioned in scale and blur the boundaries between ‘inside and out.’ We do not define contemporary design by a particular style, but rather an architecture that is of its present time and place.

Modern Green Architect

We are ‘green architects’ in the sense that we believe that green design does not have to be boring. We strive to create beautiful buildings that harmonize with the site’s natural features and have minimal impact on the environment. Sustainability does not require complicated technology and expensive materials. While we often encourage active systems such as solar panels, the most sustainable decision we can make can be as simple as the orientation of a building on the site: how it faces the sun for natural daylight, opens to breezes for natural ventilation, and shelters us from harsher elements. These were ancient techniques used by our ancestors out of necessity. It was common sense then, and it still is today.

Historic Renovation

We understand that the historic architecture of your home is priceless. Whether it is a historic renovation or historic restoration, we work closely with you to preserve and protect the historic details that give your home its unique value. We will research your home’s history by utilizing records and historic drawings. Sometimes we even find photographs, materials, plans on-site during construction. We will work to renovate your historic home while maintaining its character and charm. In addition, we help you seamlessly navigate through any entitlement process and historic renovation requirements of your local or state authority.

Construction Management

Although we believe you will get the best home when you work with us for both design and construction, for some select projects, we are able to provide Construction Management services. Members of our team collaborate with the builders and fabricators to ensure a high level of quality throughout construction. Rather than handing off the drawings and hope they are executed to our standards, our architects are an integral part of the construction process. We ensure that your design vision is carried through the project to the end.

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