Building Resilient Homes Sustainably to Endure Severe Weather

Every year natural disasters and extreme weather take a devastating toll on homes, land, and people around the world. Heatwaves, wildfires, landslides, droughts, earthquakes, and tsunamis are a particular threat to Southern California. The aftermath can be devastating. Buildings and …

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Achieving Wellness through Home Design

To practice wellness is the deliberate pursuit of activities and a lifestyles that leads to a state of positive, holistic health. While topics such as clean eating tend to dominate the conversation on wellness, wellness is much more broad and …

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How COVID-19 Will Change the Future of Home Design

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has changed the way we live. People are confined to their homes and with that new challenges for the home environment have arisen. This includes working from home, managing kids in the same space, …

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Radiant Floor Heating in California Homes

Radiant floor heating is an excellent choice for renovations in Southern California. Many of the existing homes in and around Los Angeles were not originally built with heating or air conditioning. This means that no ductwork exists and when you’re …

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FAQ: Solar Panels for New Home Construction

The California Energy Commission has ruled that by 2020 solar panels will be required on all new homes with limited exemptions. For many people this may seem sudden. You may be one of them… feeling surprised, wanting to know more. …

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Green Roofs

Re-imagining Green Roofs for Modern Buildings Green roofs, also known as vegetated roof covers or eco-roofs, consist of layers of living vegetation installed on top of conventional flat or sloping roofs. While pondering design options for an upcoming project, we …

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