What is a Design-Build Architect?

Design-build firm conceptualizes plans and has the expertise to build your unique design.

Working with a Design-Build firm ensures the highest quality and best designs.

Simply put, a Design-Build Architect designs your home and then builds it. Design-Build firms oversee the entire process from concept to completion. They make sure that their clients dreams are realized not just in the paper drawings, but with every nail, beam, post, and wall, during the construction period.   We pride ourselves on making a home as unique as its occupants so that when you first turn the key and open the door, your home feels like it was made just for you.

We oversee every detail of the design and construction process. We are on site to troubleshoot any issues and resolve them quickly. When construction is complete, we bring dimension and distinct style to the interior space with finishing details including lighting, furniture, and paint.

True luxury is a custom home with unique details, craftsmanship, and character unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. Imagine a home built just for you with stunning, high-style details and the quality that only master craftsmen can contribute. You need a professional who can execute and build, not just with design skills–chose design-build for this reason.

Architect-led, Design-Build Firms Versus the Other Guys

You may say to yourself, “I thought all architects were design and build.” This connection is a natural assumption, but unfortunately it’s not the common case. Most architects have little to do with the construction part of the project. Here are some important distinctions to be aware of:

  • Firms that are led by an architect, like Kurt Krueger Architects
    Using an architect-led, design-build firm means you’re utilizing all the talents and skills of a professional architect who’s been trained to evaluate your needs and has the design skills to create a truly unique home that is best suited for the people who will be living in it. Architect-Builders also have the building knowledge and skill to be able to build what has been designed. They are the modern version of a master builder–they are skilled craftsman in their own right; they have a mastery of trades; and they have the greatest respect of their peers. With their vision and skill with proportion, scale, light, and space, they build enduring structures.
  • Firms that are led by a contractor
    These types of firms may only have designers on staff, not architects. Some builders will say they’re design-build, but they’re often using off-the-shelf plans or doing minimal design work to customize the home for its occupants.
  • A stand-alone Architect
    A traditional architect, one who is not Design-Build, can only do the design. They lack the understanding of how to build the project. They may design something beautiful, but the plans might not be able to be built as designed because the architect lacks the knowledge of what is required. Most architects will have some basic knowledge of construction that they’ve acquired over the years, but most don’t have the skills to oversee the actual building of the project. They rely on structural engineers, contractors, and an interior designer. Who fills in the skill gaps? When you work with a traditional architect, the homeowner is often the one left bridging the gaps and trying to connect all of the trades.

The Benefits of Working with am Architect-led, Design-Build Firm

The benefits of working with an Architect-Builder who handles both design and construction have never been clearer.

  • Budgeting. In house expertise with building cost makes budgets realistic
  • Communication. Poor communication is the reason most projects fail. A single point of contact for the entire project is invaluable
  • Design. Be inspired to design unique details because we have the knowledge to design what can be built.
  • Construction. Having an architect working with the construction trades ensures quality and unique details
  • Timeline. One team means a streamlined processes that saves time and money.

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