For Sale: Renovated Mid-century Modern Masterpiece by Haralamb H. Georgescu

Kurt Krueger Architects’ stunning renovation of iconic ‘Kearsarge Residence’ for sale in Brentwood

Architect Kurt Krueger is pleased to announce that one of the homes he and his firm completed an extensive renovation on is for sale in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. “The Kearsarge Residence,” originally designed by Romanian expatriate and architect Haralamb Georgescu, is being offered for sale by Krueger’s original clients and the sale is being brokered by area Realtor, Deasy/Penner&Partners. This firm is known for their representation of architectural, historic, and luxury estate properties in Southern California.

The property is being offered at $5.1M and includes the 3,739-square foot, 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom home and a new build guest house/studio.


“Working to renovate an iconic home like this Bauhaus style Haralamb Georgescu home was a special project. We were able to breath new life into a masterpiece and add value to the owners original investment. We updating the home for modern living, and we were able to showcase the craftsmanship we can deliver as a design-build architectural firm. For example, we were able to recreate and elevate the design of the original mahogany cabinetry in the dining room, family room, and the kitchen–delivering on Georgescu original vision,” said principal Kurt Krueger.


Brentwood 'Kearsage' house for saleHighlights of the home include the 2-story living room overlooked by two mezzanine rooms–a den and a study. Completely renovated bathrooms throughout the home which use the highest quality materials and have all the modern touches. The kitchen layout was changed and integrates more seamlessly with the home than the original kitchen which felt more like an afterthought. The kitchen and the adjoining family room provide access to a updated dining terrace. This area connects to additional outdoor living space, where the future owners will enjoy a pool with totally renovated decking and a covered lounge. A description from the listing lets the new homeowners know what a tranquil property they’ll be purchasing: “A gated, ficus-lined drive leads to a pristine white stucco and glass compound overlooking a forested arroyo. Surrounded by sculpture, mosaics and majestic trees, the property whispers serenity, privacy and convenience.”


“Usually we design residences that homeowners never want to leave but in the rare instances when it happens, as with this client, we look forward with great anticipation to the next project with them.” Kurt Krueger.


More at Deasy/Penner&Partners.

Kurt Krueger Architects provides residential clients in the Brentwood area a cohesive design-build service in which design and construction work together to create your dream home. Krueger has a unique niche as an architect-led, design-build firm where he is able to bring all the talent and skill he has the principal architect to create superior designs and deliver on superior construction.


CONTACT: Kurt Krueger,, (310) 979-9945

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