Upcoming LA Building Code Changes

Kurt Krueger Architects discussed 2017 building codes changes in LA

In the latest Architect News, Kurt Krueger Architects discusses upcoming building code changes for Los Angeles, California which anyone planning a custom home project needs to be aware of.

“Major changes are coming that will affect what you can do with your home. Many homeowners I have spoken to are not aware of this and, unfortunately, most will not fully realize the impact until it is too late.”

Kurt Krueger, Principal and Owner, Kurt Krueger Architects

The specific, proposed changes deal with:

  • Amendments to the LA Baseline Mansionization
  • Ordinance and Baseline Hillside Ordinance (BMO and BHO)

Our firm has also created a downloadable guide discussing all the implications of the code changes, visit: Los Angeles Building Code changes

For the full article on Architects News, visit: Architects News

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