2018 ArCH Design Excellence Awards

  Two ArCH 2018 Design Excellence Awards for Kurt Krueger Architects Architects Creating Homes’ has awarded Kurt Krueger Architects  two of their design excellence in residential design awards for 2018. The ArCH Design Excellence in Residential Design is an international …

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FAQ: Solar Panels for New Home Construction

The California Energy Commission has ruled that by 2020 solar panels will be required on all new homes with limited exemptions. For many people this may seem sudden. You may be one of them… feeling surprised, wanting to know more. …

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  • green-roof-extensive-system-400x235.jpg
  • installation-green-roof-system-Norway-400x235.jpg
  • natural-roof-system-with-grass-British_Horse_Society_Head_Quarters-400x235.jpg
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Green Roofs

Re-imagining Green Roofs for Modern Buildings Green roofs, also known as vegetated roof covers or eco-roofs, consist of layers of living vegetation installed on top of conventional flat or sloping roofs. While pondering design options for an upcoming project, we …

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Barbie and SNL Visit Compartés Chocolatier

Saturday Night’s episode of the long running and iconic late night comedy troupe, SNL brought a visit by Barbie™ to the Compartés Chocolate Shop in Westfield Century City. The funny skit shows Barbie with the Compartés store front behind her …

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Garage Doors: Thoughts and Strategies

Design Ideas for Garage Doors Let’s face it, garage doors serve a utilitarian function. But for many architects and homeowners, the garage door is one of the least glamorous aspects of a home—-and for good reason. Most garage doors are …

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5 Myths about Green Architecture

One of the fundamental ways architects think about design is how the structure will interact with the land and the environment. Unlike the needs for mass GI housing after WWII, where builders clear cut the land and plopped down tract …

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Construction Update for Las Canoas

How to Create a Backyard Oasis When Your Backyard is a Rugged Hillside Breathtaking, long-range and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean are the highlight of our project in Las Canoas. We are turning the steep hillside into usable space …

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You Can’t Have Architecture Without Art

Influential Artists, Evocative Locations: The Connection Between Art and Architecture It’s important as an Architect or any professional involved in design, to expand your aesthetic references. I’ve shared in this blog in the past my travels throughout California and how …

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