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Custom Fabricated Steel Shade Trellis

The best outcome with any building project is when beautiful, practical, and functional can all be achieved. At one of our current projects in Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills, we are working on a major renovation of the home and …

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Board Formed Concrete Wall

Concrete walls aren’t just for foundations anymore–we’re not hiding this one behind sheetrock or in a basement. At our project in Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills our firm designed a concrete wall which would be a focal point both inside …

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Fixer-Upper House Transformed Into Forever Home

The story of the house that started it all… Kurt Krueger’s work on the Westgate Residence in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles was featured in Architects News recently. The story detailed how Krueger turned a Fixer Upper meant initially …

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The Entrepreneur Architect Series featuring Kurt Krueger

The Entrepeneur Architect Interviews Kurt Krueger of Kurt Krueger Architects Episode 170 The Entrepeneur Architect interviews architects about their practices, including their background and the particular passions which drive them as architects. The series is meant to help architects share …

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Master Builders, Roots Inspire Kurt Krueger

ARCHITECT NEWS IN-DEPTH PROFILE OF KURT KRUEGER by Sienna Mae Heath Staff Writer As an architect and builder, Kurt Krueger incorporates design and construction in his projects. He combines his technical and artistic skills to mindfully address construction issues. In …

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