The Kearsarge Residence, Brentwood CA, is a major renovation of the 1968 M.G. Residence by the Romanian-American mid-century modernist architect Haralamb H. Georgescu.

Located on a flag lot in Brentwood, California, the site for the Kearsarge Residence has a unique character as a forest within the city. The challenges of working on a historic architectural home is one filled with a unique set of choices. These choices arise from questioning what makes the house important as well as what elements deserve to be preserved and what can be changed to make the house comfortable and livable for years to come.

We don’t live today the way we lived forty five years ago and we will live differently forty five years from now. The goal was to honor Georgescu’s work by restoring the house to its true character where appropriate as well as updating the house in keeping with the original design spirit. Throughout the process we were constantly asking ourselves “What would Georgescu do today?”

We began working on the house after decades of wear and tear as well as modifications by subsequent owners. For example, the open sight lines that are characteristic of Georgescu’s work was interrupted by a previous owner closing off of the office wall to create an additional bedroom. One of the first tasks was opening up this wall back to its original intent, so there is interaction between three levels: The Office, Loft and Living Room.

The Kearsage Residence as seen on “Behind the Gates”

From the Client

I hired Kurt to do a complete re-hab on our mid-century modern home in Brentwood. He did an amazing job in keeping with the original architect’s intent and work but also bringing his own new style. He tied in an amazing cantilevered guest house into the main house and made the whole thing look seamless and beautiful. He has a great eye for detail and is also a pleasure to work with.


From the Blog

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