The Sunset Pacific Palisades project is a whole house, major renovation, inside and out, of a 1960s ranch on Sunset Boulevard. Our clients loved the location, but the house was very dated (including painted wood paneling) and hadn’t been updated in decades. The homeowners were preparing for two teenagers to leave the nest and wanted the next version of the home to suite the new vision they have for their lives. The owners presented pretty straightforward needs with a budget large enough to complete an entire house remodel. The only challenge was that we needed to work within the existing footprint of the house–within the existing building envelope. They wanted a sleek and modern style home that had texture and character. They didn’t want a stark museum piece, but a home that had high-style and incorporated natural elements like water, fire, earth, and air. They wanted only the highest quality craftsmanship.


The design solutions evolved naturally through the collaboration of the client and our team, as we both shared a certain vision for the home. –Kurt Krueger


Collaborating with Clients

I tell people that this was a fun project because of the collaboration with these clients. They were wonderful to work with. We all threw out new ideas and they trusted my team to implement them. When searching out different products, I’d take them to distributors and regular meetings so that they would have firsthand knowledge of the choices. Not every client is interested in this level of detail, but in this case, it made this project an enriching experience for us all.

Phase 1 of the project (the interior) took about a year. Phase two, for the exterior, took about six months after the clients had moved in. As a result, this ranch home, which looks somewhat modest on the exterior, has been transformed into a cleanline and modern luxury home.

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