What the Pyramids and Industrialization have Taught Us About Architect-Builders and how to Ensure Superior Design and Construction with your Custom, Luxury Home

Architect-Builder, Kurt Krueger walks us through what’s wrong with the current architectural development process and how it evolved to this point.  He details how architects lost their way from the proven methods that worked for centuries and built the pyramids and other wonders of the world.  Architect & Builder had always been the same person. Today, this is not common practice and it is why homes have become cookie cutter and devoid of style, character, and quality.   Learn how to turn things around and get it right.

Free webinar video from Kurt Krueger Architects

Kurt discusses in this approximately 19 minute how design-build ensures success in the development of your custom home project. The benefits of working with an Architect-Builder who handles both design and construction have never been clearer.

  • Budgeting
  • Communication
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Timeline

To view this webinar and break through the mundane to design and build the most beautiful and unique homes, tell us first a little about your project.