Garage Doors: Thoughts and Strategies

Design Ideas for Garage Doors Let’s face it, garage doors serve a utilitarian function. But for many architects and homeowners, the garage door is one of the least glamorous aspects of a home—-and for good reason. Most garage doors are …

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Perfect Perch for the Pet Pooch

The Family Dog As architects and builders, we deliberate over every aspect of a home. From the overall size, proportion, and feel of the space, we try to think through every scenario for the people for whom we are building …

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  • Benedict_Canyon_Shade_Trellis_made_of_Custom_Fabricated_Steel_2-400x235.jpg
  • benedict-canyon-IMG_9639-1-400x235.jpg
  • Benedict_Canyon_Shade_Trellis_made_of_Custom_Fabricated_Steel_3-400x235.jpg
  • Benedict_Canyon_Shade_Trellis_made_of_Custom_Fabricated_Steel_4-400x235.jpg
  • Benedict_Canyon_Shade_Trellis_made_of_Custom_Fabricated_Steel_1-400x235.jpg

Custom Fabricated Steel Shade Trellis

The best outcome with any building project is when beautiful, practical, and functional can all be achieved. At one of our current projects in Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills, we are working on a major renovation of the home and …

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  • Benedict_Canyon_Board_Formed_Concrete_Wall_7-400x235.jpg
  • Benedict_Canyon_Board_Formed_Concrete_Wall_6-400x235.jpg
  • Benedict_Canyon_Board_Formed_Concrete_Wall_5-400x235.jpg
  • Benedict_Canyon_Board_Formed_Concrete_Wall_4-400x235.jpg
  • Benedict_Canyon_Board_Formed_Concrete_Wall_3-400x235.jpg
  • Benedict_Canyon_Board_Formed_Concrete_Wall_2-400x235.jpg
  • Benedict_Canyon_Board_Formed_Concrete_Wall_1-400x235.jpg

Board Formed Concrete Wall

Concrete walls aren’t just for foundations anymore–we’re not hiding this one behind sheetrock or in a basement. At our project in Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills our firm designed a concrete wall which would be a focal point both inside …

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