2018 ArCH Design Excellence Awards

  Two ArCH 2018 Design Excellence Awards for Kurt Krueger Architects Architects Creating Homes’ has awarded Kurt Krueger Architects  two of their design excellence in residential design awards for 2018. The ArCH Design Excellence in Residential Design is an international …

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Garage Doors: Thoughts and Strategies

Design Ideas for Garage Doors Let’s face it, garage doors serve a utilitarian function. But for many architects and homeowners, the garage door is one of the least glamorous aspects of a home—-and for good reason. Most garage doors are …

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Alternatives to Wood Slat Structures

Steel Rather Than Wood As a design-build firm, we are constantly focused on the integrity of the materials we use as well as the sustainability and the longevity of those materials when determining what to use to achieve our design …

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Fire, Earth, Water and Wind

Bringing Nature into the Design of a Modern Style Home This week we are featuring some design elements of the recently completed Sunset, Pacific Palisades Project. The homeowners wanted a modern style home, but wanted it to feel warm and …

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  • ladderstaircase-SunsetBlvd-web-20-400x235.jpg
  • Ladderstaircase-steel-platform-DSCN7179-400x235.jpg
  • Ladderstaircase-treads-DSCN7187-400x235.jpg
  • ladder-staircase-metal-orbs-IMG_1981-400x235.jpg
  • master-craftsman-metal-worker-steel-staircase-DSCN7244-400x235.jpg
  • attic-staircase-ladder-in-attic-view-DSCN7232-400x235.jpg
  • ladder-stairs-banister-DSCN7281-400x235.jpg
  • under-construction-ladder-staircase-DSCN7299-400x235.jpg
  • LadderStaircase-SunsetBlvd-web-18-400x235.jpg

Sculptural Staircase Ladder (and Bookcase)

Converting an attic to usable space requires two things. First, you need the proper ceiling height to make the space usable and second you need a way to access the space. We recently completed an extensive, whole house remodel at …

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